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Introducing bWall

permanent formwork system exclusive to Bacic Group.

Imagine we could build better. Imagine a way that's quicker, easier and safer. Imagine a product stronger than brick, timber or steel that's warmer when it needs to be and cooler when it’s hot. Imagine walls that are delivered flat packed. At bWall, we want to challenge the status quo by supporting an evolution in design, architecture and thinking. 

bWall FAQ with creator and Engineer, Anthony Bacic.


Why is concrete an ideal building material?

Concrete is a beautiful brutalist material and a concrete home with the right design and interior is incredibly warm and inviting.

Concrete lasts. This is the stuff the Romans built their empire with.

It's is an ideal building material for architectural homes, challenging sites and bWall can be used for everything from apartment buildings and shopping centres to pools and retaining.


How does bWall work?

bWall is a new way to build concrete walls. The system features fibre cement sheets and an insulating foam layer that are connected using patented technology to form a concrete filled cavity wall.

bWall is delivered flat-pack to site where it can be cut to any shape and size or pre-manufactured to shop drawings. bWall is erected one sheet at a time, making for lighter work and allowing reinforcement and services to be easily and accurately fixed without the need for chasing.

Why is bWall better than brick?

bWall is fast, energy efficient, quiet and strong enough to be cyclone proof. It's also three times stronger than brick and is thermally and acoustically superior. 

Concrete’s thermal mass reduces indoor temperature fluctuation, which saves energy and minimises overall environmental impact. 

bWall is also often cheaper than brick or limestone for basements and retaining walls. The fibre cement provides a smooth finish that can be flushed and painted without cladding or render. There are proven savings in labour costs while less waste equals fewer costly skip bins. 

Why did you create bWall?


We've built concrete homes and commercial structures for many years but with every system we tried, we found ways it could be improved. A few years ago we finally committed to launching bWall, which is our own insulated concrete walling system and is used exclusively by Bacic Group.

What are the advantages of building a house with concrete walls?


Concrete is impermeable to air, rain and termites. bWall is a fast, energy efficient and quiet walling system. It's ideal for architectural homes and commercial applications as it can carry great loads and span vast distances without expensive columns and beams.


Depending on the type of walls you’re building, for example retaining walls, bWall is also cheaper.


What’s exciting is that insulated concrete homes are no longer just the domain of the wild architectural innovators. We’ve reached a tipping point and homes like ours are the early adapters, helping unleash the idea of alternative materials and making insulated concrete homes more accessible and affordable to the general public.

How cost-effective is building with concrete?


Over the life of a home, concrete delivers proven cost savings.

It delivers lower life-cycle costs than many other materials by minimising ongoing repairs and maintenance.


In the short term, a system like bWall also saves time and labour during construction and delivers impressive cost savings compared to brick for retaining and basements.

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