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Welcome to our first custom home, built on the spectacular Bicton riverfront.


Carved into the side of a steep limestone hill and set over seven levels, the family home is a showcase of our modern, minimalist style.


What’s unique about this home is not a single brick was used. Concrete was chosen for its speed and versatility, allowing the 935m2 structure to be built in just nine months. 


The walls were formed and the concrete poured on site, creating a stronger, superior finish in a fraction of time it would take with traditional building methods. 


Concrete also allowed us to maximise the location. The view was so important the entire 16m facade was engineered to span without a single column, allowing for endless frameless glass throughout the main living area.


The result is an uncomplicated design with clean lines and timeless appeal. 


There’s a warmth to the finished product that's enhanced by the carefully curated finishing touches. Each room is lived in and enjoyed which is the mark of great design.


Enjoy your glimpse of this very special home and visit us again soon as we update our site with more finished homes.



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