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Bacic Group is an innovative Perth building company designing and creating iconic, timeless homes - spaces that are transformational.

Frank Lloyd Wright had a vision to create spaces that enrich our lives with their transformational power. It's a vision we share.


Bacic Group was founded by Drago and Anthony Bacic and Elvira Nuic. Drago is our builder, Anthony is our engineer and Elvira is our interior designer and client manager. For more than a decade we've built, 

designed, supervised and engineered dozens of commercial and residential projects before coming together to launch Bacic Group. 


We are experts at concrete construction, and at taming challenging sites. What some call crazy, we call courageous! Bacic Group offers a full suite of services in-house, from design, engineering, and building, to interior design and curation of furniture and art. We love working collaboratively with you to create a home that suits your personality and style. 


It's about you, always. We hope to meet you on the journey!

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